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Google AdWords is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

'If you build it... You may still need AdWords'.

-Jennifer Mesenbrink

Advertising is an inevitable step for every business. But the type of adverting you choose is what makes you stand out. The way you promote yourself should be based on the size of your company and your target customers.

If your target audience spends considerable time on the internet, especially on Google, then you do not want to avoid Google AdWords.

Google is the very powerful tool to grow your online business. Millions of people use it several times a day. They are always in search of information, new products, and services. If you use google wisely, Your products or services can be the next.

So the thing is, more visibility on Google means more brand equity and traffic generation.

Google AdWord is a fantastic tool to publish your Ads on Google, the best search engine of the world. It is based on PPC model of marketing. It displays Ads on the Google and its other products and is a great option for online marketing.

But before using it, you should first Understand what is Google Adwords. In this blog, you will learn the basics of Google AdWord to leverage its benefits.

Google AdWords vs Traditional Marketing:

To explain that, let us compare an online advertisement on google and a billboard advertisement.

  • Both are basically same. But the former will reach the customer when he or she is using and focusing on the internet, on the other hand, the latter one will approach the customer when he is passing by a road.

  • You can see how many people saw your advertisement on Google whereas you will have no idea how many people have actually seen your advertisement on the billboard.

  • You will get complete insights and audit in case of Google Ads but not in case of offline marketing.

  • The former one will cost you few bucks and latter one will require the considerable amount of money.

Which one would be more beneficial for you? The answer is obvious. Google Adwords has many advantages over traditional marketing. Now let us understand how it works. ​​

How Google Adwords works:

Have you heard about the keywords stuff? Keyword is the main ingredient of the Google AdWord.

Keyword is that particular word or phrase which users type in the Google search bar. For example, if I search for 'online shopping', I will get the following results. ​​

Online shopping is the keyword for the following results. The top rank holder is American online shopping site, who is running a paid advertisement on Google. That is why it is at the top. It will obviously get a high number of visitors. So in this case, online shopping is the Keyword. So one of the keywords to search for online shopping sites is 'Online Shopping'.

Suppose there are many sites, wanting to bait on a single keyword. Then what? Google will rank them as per Google SEO algorithm to rank the pages.

If you are running a PPC campaign on Google, you will choose a keyword you want to be ranked on.

Types of Ads On Google:

There are many kinds of ads you can display on Google. For example video ads, Mobile Ads etc. Here we will discuss the most Potential kinds of ads that you need to know.

1. Search Ads: These are the ads to rank your website in the google search bar. Google will show your advertisement as a result of searches done on it. Google is very transparent and trusted website. So, The search Ads are shown with 'Ad' sign so that users would know that the result is sponsored. ​​

2. Display Ads: Remember when you browse a very popular web page, you see so many ads pop up here and there. Those Ads are display Ads. They are placed on various popular pages and websites as per user's internet activity. ​​

3. Video Ads: They have huge potential to drive customers. People underestimate video Ads. They are displayed on YouTube just before a popular video. It can be of few seconds and a minute long having an option to skip the ad. Almost everybody use YouTube. Especially the lazy audience who does not want to spend time on reading.

They prefer YouTube over search engines. ​​

Advantages of using Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is more than what you think. It offers many features which make the process easy, less time consuming, effective and convenient. Some of the important tools by Google AdWords are:

Keyword Planner: This is our favorite tool on Google AdWords. Keyword planner is very useful to define that particular keyword for which you would want to be ranked on google. People will find you using your targeted keywords. Deciding the best keywords for your company is the very important step. Here keyword planner comes handy.

Budget Planning: You can choose your online budget as per your marketing strategy. Google AdWord is user-friendly. So, it is up to you how much you want to spend for your promotion.

PPC Model: The best thing about Google Ads is you have to pay only when somebody will click on your Ad. This means unless somebody clicks on your Ad, Google charges you nothing. This model of advertising is cost effective and result driven.

Highly customized and flexible: Google AdWord is highly flexible as per your needs. You can choose the time and duration of your Ads, you can customize your online campaigns, you can start or end your campaign anytime, you can choose your payment options and so on.

Now you must have realized how useful Google AdWords is to generate online traffic. This is one of the best ways to advertise on the internet.

Spending even little money on Google Adwords can do wonders for you. In the Next blog, we will explain the step by step process to use the Google AdWords. If you have any queries related to this topic, you can leave it in the comment below.

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