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E-Commerce Retail Management Service

What is this about?

Doing online business seems easy but actually, it is pretty difficult and demanding task. It requires a lot of activities beginning from product addition to Delivered. We are here to provide the solution to this problem. Now you can actually concentrate on your product or offerings and leave the tricky work to us. We will manage every activity for you from scratch to complex to make your business successful online.

We are the experts in e-commerce management, having a cutting-edge solution to everything related to online business. We will make e-commerce easy for you so that you can focus on your products rather than worrying about so many complex activities.

Who can get benefits from this?

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailer and who wish to implement e-commerce platform to grow their business

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers who wish to enhance and manage their existing e-commerce business.

Our Services and Solutions

Product Management:

Success on E-Commerce is directly proportional to the way product is presented. Consumers are very peculiar about the product details. So, on site product management is an inevitable process. If you choose us, we will provide you the following product-related services :

Entry of product data

Adding new products and subtracting old products

Product image editing

Modifying product information

Adding price and images

Enhancement of Photo Color, Contrast and Exposure

Photo Editing Services:

The Attractiveness of your product images reflect your product quality. Images of the products is one of the important factors in online business. Your images has to be clear, easy to interpret and as per industry standards. Rather than brainstorming about it, you can leave it to us. We will manage the editing of images in a professional way. For this we perform:-

Image Improvement and Retouching

Image Clipping

Background Change

Ratings and Reviews Management:

Product ratings and reviews are the indicators of their sales. Customers purchase the best-ranked products and check reviews about them. We understand their importance So, we especially look after this part for you to increase your sales.

Catalog Management:

We have a  specialized team to upgrade your paper catalog into the digital form to build your product catalog.

catalog.  We will be offering following services to manage your catalog.

Incorporating complete information about a product and its characters.

Categorization and sorting of products.

Catalog image processing.

Catalog updating and management.

Order Management:

Successful delivery of an order is a key to success for the retailer. This process is getting more complex due to the complexity of business supply chain and increasing expectations of the customers. For this regard we have a separate team specialized in order management which will Look after this process to satisfy your customers. The range of order management services we offer are:

Purchase order management.

Customer database management.

Payment by telephone.

Multiple shipping and payment options.

Payment Processing.

Order Tracking & Reporting.

E-Commerce Call Center Services:

Outsourcing call centre services are especially important for e commerce business to gain and retain a customer. To solve customers queries and to provide them maximum satisfaction, we are providing call centre assistance too.

24x7 Customer Service

Technical Support

Multi-Channel Support

Logistics Management:

This is the management of the way products are obtained, stored and shipped to their destinations. It also includes Details about the product shipping eg How many orders are remaining to ship and how many already shipped. From offering client registration with companies like FedEx, e-com and delhivery to the delivery of products, Our team ensures to handle your logistics in a hassle free and smooth way

Digital Marketing:

Outsourcing call centre services are especially important for e commerce business to gain and retain a customer. To solve customers queries and to provide them maximum satisfaction, we are providing call centre assistance too.

Product sponsorship with facebook

Search engine marketing

Content writing

Paid Campaigns:

In this range, we will provide

lead generation campaign

display advertisement campaign

brand campaign

pay per click

Service Management:

At the end, you will receive full assistance and backend support from us. We will also provide the services listed below.

Weekly, monthly yearly revenue audit.

Identifying and removing duplicate records

Identifying and revising irrelevant, wrong, incomplete, obsolete data

Data auditing

Product Data Indexing

Why us?

We are associate partner of Amazon, Flipcart, Myntra, Limeroad, Voonik and many more, so your products would be highly visible to your customers and increase your sales as well.

Advantages of being associate partners of Limeroad and Voonik ( Leading E-Commerce platforms in fasion industry)

More than 2 crores customers base of Lime Road and Voonik

Higher ranking position on these E-Commerce sites

24x7 customer support

We have Cutting edge tools and techniques for tricky situations.

Your business can benefit greatly by choosing Urban Info-tech as your E-Commerce Support Outsourcing Services partner
Digital Marketing

To grow your business online, we are offering Digital Marketing as a complementary service. It will help to increasing your brand awareness for your online customers. 

Photo editing services

Photo Editing is a complicated process which you can leave to us.Our professional team will edit the pictures as per industry standards for you to decrease your expenditure as well as efforts in the process. 

24*7 Customer Service

Urban Infotech's 24*7 Customer Service is very responsive to provide satisfactory experience making your E-Business convinient and trustworthy for your customers.

Product Photography service

We have an expert photography team specialized to take great pictures of your products to make them visually attractive and appealing.

Your Challenges

The opportunities for online sellers are huge but the industry has several challenges to overcome. If you are selling in this space, you need to focus on reaching out to the huge pool of tech-savvy buyers across numerous channels. Here are some of the problems that you may need to sideline for reaching their sales targets:

High shopping cart abandonment rate

Low conversion rate

Lack of centralized inventory system

Shipping delays due to challenges

Wrong order delivery

High order cancellation and return rates

Online security issues

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