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Small Business Opportunity
Ideas For Everyone

You’ve done it before. You asked someone this question: 

What do you think of my idea??

Most people will tell you it’s good and then go on to tell you why it’s good based on their own personal experience. These people are assuming you want to hear something positive from them. They believe that being supportive of your idea is what’ll help you most. we find myself hearing the question and asking more questions back. we do this so we can understand why you are excited about the idea, how you discovered it, and what stage you are at with it.

If you have a great idea and you want to turn it into a successful product, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

1. Don’t keep it to yourself

If you believe you have a great idea, tell it to as many people as possible and seek their opinions. Talk with people you trust and whose opinion you value. Write down their advice and feedback, and make sure to address it.

3. Build a product that you would use

Make sure that you are going to build a product that you would actually use. If your idea does not even address your own needs, you should seriously rethink it.

4. Test your idea

You are now going to spend years working on this project and dedicate your life to it. Don’t skip the most important step of testing your idea. It will take few weeks and cost a few bucks, but these are very important weeks and money well spent.

Create a mockup of the product and ask as many people as you can (who are not familiar with your idea), to take a look at it and tell you what they think your idea is about. Wait for their reaction and see what they think of the idea.

2. Seek the devil’s advocates

Many people will say that your idea is amazing. That might be, but make sure to find those who will be brave and smart enough to pinpoint its flaws.

5. Create a landing page

Build a decent looking page with a clear call to action. It can be an email input box, a form, a shopping cart. Whatever you think can simulate how a user will act when the real application is launched.

Instead of hiring a designer, you can find great looking templates and purchase them for just a few bucks. There are also several free options if you want to try out some initial concepts.

Create a Google AdWords campaign and run it for several days or weeks. Make sure you get enough data to really be able to make an educated decision.

6. Find your first clients

Make sure that you are not the only person who has this pain. Find at least several friends who are going to be your future users and that you won’t need to chase in order for them to even test your product.

7. Get out to market

The last and most important thing: get out to the market as soon as possible. You don’t need a feature full product, just a functional one. Your most important asset is your users. Take advantage of it and learn from them.

Small Business Opportunity
Ideas For Everyone

Your Idea...

You find yourself hearing the question and asking more questions back. you  do this so you can understand why you are excited about the idea, how you discovered it, and at what stage you are with it???

Most of the time if you  ask other people about the idea itself, you are at the earliest stages of the idea and haven’t validated it yet.

Your Idea...

We love this early stage.

The possibilities are endless. You’re able to figure out how to create something people love. This can be a fresh idea for a business or even new features for an existing product.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon realize that it’s easy to waste time on ideas that don’t matter. we’ve learned the hard way. we’ve attempted to create dozens of products and advised many other people as they’ve created things.

Your Idea...

validation process will be most useful to you when you’re validating ideas that target other businesses as customers.

someone who is in the business of creating new things and has seen various ideas blossom into fully functional products, I can tell you that there is nothing like that feeling. You get excited, you can’t sleep, and you start imagining how the future is going to look.

You might think that you can do it all on your own, but with the help of another dedicated person or two, the impact can be much more significant. Urban InfoTech is always there to help and guide you

We are with you in transforming those disruptive ideas into an amazing product - with our deep technology expertise. Urban InfoTech with its team of passionate product engineers will collaborate with you in the entire product development lifecycle.

The Journey Inside

Making a product is an amazing experience. You will sail through this journey when you are making your product at Urban InfoTech.


Urban InfoTech help you to turn your ideas into amazing products by applying lean start-up methodologies. Realizing an idea involves continuously building, measuring and learning. Urban InfoTech will collaborate with you in the entire product life cycle and help achieve desired time to Market.


helps you validate all your assumptions in the idea by building a MVP (minimal viable product) and go for the demo with the potential customers.



  • Market research and validation

  • Consumer insights

  • Problem Framing

  • Finding DNA

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

  • Identifying Product Features

  • Assumptions

  • Building MVP


  • Customer Feedback

  • UI/UX Reviews

  • A/B Testing

  • Finding Values/Wastes

  • Validating Assumptions

  • Pivoting


Urban InfoTech helps you build the complete product from idea to MVP (minimal viable product) and scale it to full product by offering the full-product-development life cycle process using LEAN methodologies.


Product Strategy

  • Product Features

  • Technology Strategy

  • GoTo Market Strategy


  • User Story Boards

  • Experience Assessment

  • Experience Planning

  • Experience Design

  • Interface Design


  • Software Design

  • Software Development

  • Cloud Design

  • Alpha/Beta Products


Urban InfoTech helps you scale your product to the next level by monitoring, measuring and analyzing customer usage patterns.



  • DevOps

  • Cloud Scaling

  • Cloud Monitoring


  • Customer Analytics

  • Social Analytics

  • Growth Hacking

​​Engagement Model

We have broadly categorized our clients as Start-ups, Emerging Tech Companies and SMBs.

Ideal for start-up teams looking for a trusted technology partner

If you are a Start-up firm with a killer idea, we co-innovate with you from ideation to design & development to market. In this model, urban InfoTech will be your trusted technology partner helping you with the entire product life cycle development and enable you to hit the market faster.


Offers full-life cycle development services for product companies, apart from providing team and technology support

For an emerging technology company with a successful product in the market, we provide co-creation services like product re-engineering, component development and technology team support. This is an ideal model, if you have an internal development team. urban InfoTech can be your extended arm.

Outsource Product Development

We offer outsourcing software development services to SMBs in SMAC and application development. Outsourcing is a proven method for SMBs and urban InfoTech does it better with cost-saving innovative technology solutions.

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