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Weddings in India vary as per the regions, the religion or as per personal preferences of the bride and groom. They are festive occasions in India, and in most cases celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that depend on the religion of the bride and the groom, traditionally, modernised as well as their preferences.India celebrates approximately 10 million weddings per year, of which about 80% are Hindu weddings.

Every minute is worth counting, every moment is worth enjoyed. We understand this and this is why we manage everything for you the way you’d do yourself – from start of the celebrations to the start of the new life we would like to see you enjoy.

Urban Occasions has experienced managers who would take care of all aspects related to the event. Venue, room styling, catering, decorations, beauty treatments and makeups, wedding stationary, writing speeches (an opportunity to open up your heart) or entertainment, we manage it all and make you feel delightful. In a nutshell, Urban Occasions aims to let you enjoy your big day.

Beauty Parlour (Wedding Bridal Make up Packages)-

How stressful weddings can be for the bride and the relatives to amount and pace of decisions that need to be taken.
The Parlour decides to take care of one of them by providing the bride with Ravishing bridal packages that include all that is necessary for the big day. We are open to suggestions and changes if you would like something else.

Boutique (Wedding Dress)-

We can help you fix your wedding dress from the top in line fashion designers to a custom free you need. Since it is the most important part of the wedding as its the most stared at, photographed piece of clothing you ever buy.

Wedding Venue (Banquets & Gardens)-

Wedding banquets have become the most tedious job in these days to choose and take the best cost. We will get you the best cost in the market and available dates at your doorstep,you sit back home we will do your work.

Catering (Wedding food menu)-

This is the most delicious part of the wedding “muh mein panii aa raha hai”. There are so many options these days from italian, mexican, chinese and so many international food on your table.

Wedding jewellery Design-

This is the most ravicious part of the wedding, everybody wants that it should stand out from the laegue. This is one reason jewellery designing has become a very high paying course in academics too. We can help you make your “the day” memorableas well as outshine you at the best.

Wedding Photographer-

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to cover your “The Day” in India or planning a destination wedding in Udaipur, or the Agra? We cover it across the India!!

Nowadays, Pre wedding shoot, Candid photography, drones flying around is the most trendy and we can help you get the best in thethem too.

Photographs tell the story of not only who attended the wedding but most of all, how you felt on the wedding days and cherish those memories again.

Hotels (Friends and family)-

Weddings have become Grand and you can no longer make your friends and Rishtedaar (relatives) stay at your home like in the past. So we will help you get the best cost in the hotels as we have tie ups in this industry.

D.J Sound set up or Band Baaja for the baraat –
Since music connects to every soul and hence, this is the utmost important part as the party rolls when the music has holdl!! Nowadays technology has evolved and super stages and d.j set ups are made, So we will help you get the latest deals and best cost. So Don’t stop the music!!

Tenting, Pandits, flowerist, decorater, wedding cake, Mehendi artist, varmala stage set up we do it all. So let us do the hard work and you sit back relax and enjoy your show!!


Wedding is one of the most cherished moments in one’s life so why not sit on the back seat and let the professionals manage everything for you?  The visions and the grandeur of the life to come, vibrant colors of traditional customs and rituals, elegant music, mouthwatering delicacies and ultramodern titillation; this all when combined together makes the wedding a never forgettable and splendid event.

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