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6 Proven Tips for Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

Marketing is an extensive study to find out the needs and wants of the customers, making products accordingly and persuading your customer to purchase the product. The main goal is to provide maximum satisfaction and value to the customer.

Today, Making a good product or offering a great service is not enough to achieve your objectives. What matters is how effective your marketing campaign is to beat the cut-throat competition. Grabbing the attention of the customers is not easy nowadays.

You cannot survive if you do not adapt yourself as per the market needs. One of the best ways to promote your business is through Social Media Marketing. Social media presence is a necessity rather than just a fad.

People spend hours on the Internet and social media platform, unlike earlier time. The virtual world has given us the opportunity to promote our offerings in an effective way.

Now everybody knows its importance but few can actually do it the way it is supposed to be. If done properly, it can create good results with minimum efforts and maximum return on investment and if not, then it will be a waste of time and resources of the company.

It is not a rocket science though and we are going to tell you how to do it right. Below is the list of must Do's to be followed if you want your efforts to convert in the desired results.

1. Choose your niche platform:

You must have already known your target audience. But you should also identify the particular platform which is most suitable for you to pitch right target. As one cannot master each platform, you should rather target your niche platform to maximize the response.

That doesn’t mean you should not have the presence on ever platform. The thing is your maximum efforts should be towards your target.

2. Power of Content:

Internet is already flooded with so much information, most of which is useless. There is a high demand for good quality content which the audience finds engaging and appealing. Provide the content which is actually helpful for your target. It will automatically generate great traffic through references.

The content cannot be just in the form of text. It can be in the form of alluring images, interesting videos and now, even stories. Use these options rather than just text to make content interesting and engaging.

3. Use Visual Techniques:

All text and no visuals makes everything dull. People are visually driven. So using just text is too boring. You have to incorporate stunning visuals to have a good presence. The content should be the perfect combo of text and graphics. Both should be in accordance with each other. Facebook follow the 20:80 rule i.e., to make your ad more effective, Facebook suggest using 20% text and 80% area should be covered with the picture. Not just picture, you can use videos, stories and other relevant features which are more attractive than mere Text.

4: Live Stream:

Live Streaming is the future of social media marketing. Live streaming is so appealing that all the popular social media platforms are using it be it Facebook or Instagram. It is a great way to broadcast and has a huge impact on your audience not only for a public figure or celebrity but to increase brand value too.

Companies like drunken donuts use this technique heavily. Use this feature and see the response. Your audience will surely be going to love it.

4: Consistency is the key:

Now this is important. To develop a good brand value through social media, you have to be consistent. You can't just show up and go into hibernation every now and then. No matter how qualitative your content is, if you are not consistent and committed enough then your efforts would not be valued. So remember, either be consistent or lose your audience. Nowadays you can even use automation to be consistent. Use the technology to your benefit and get the things done.

5. SWOT Analysis:

You must have heard of this word. To establish yourself online or even offline you should do your swot Analysis (identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

You must know the environment in terms of opportunities and threats and use them to build your strength and minimize weaknesses. Identify your unique selling points. Rather than being general, be specific and focus on your strength.

6: Performing social media audit:

Social media audit is a fancy term used to perform the evaluation of the strategies implemented to figure out how effective the campaign was. You can use powerful analytical tool for performing audits e.g., Google analytics, Quintly and many more. Analyse the results and customize your plan accordingly.


Remember the core philosophy of marketing is to provide value to the customers and it applies here too. So the most important thing is to know your audience. All of your efforts should be aligned with the needs and wants of your customers and there you go.

Now you know how to crack the code. Just keep in mind these specific things and you will surely make a great presence online. Go ahead and try these steps. In case of any doubts, Let us know in the comment section below.

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