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Strategies to Increase Sales through Social Media Marketing

Sales and profit generation is a sustainable factor for an organization. It is the process without which no organization can survive. Increasing sales is difficult and tricky, especially in the presence of competitive environment.

The first rule of Sales is to know your customer and build a strong relationship. Social media is an innovative platform which gives an opportunity to an organization to connect with the customers virtually.

Social media is a smart tool to increase your sales. This is the reason why giant firms are relying on it for their brand endorsement. But generating online sales is not easy.

Here we are presenting some proven strategies to increase your sales using social media. Go ahead and find out the ways through which you can increase your online sales.

Create an online persona:

To approach your customers, you have to create a trustworthy online image. It will increase the value of your product as well.

For that, you can follow these step by step instructions-

  • Find out your target customers rich online platform.

  • Sign up on these platforms.

  • Friend or follow your customers to approach them.

  • Understand their needs.

  • Offer your product in the form of a solution to their needs.

There is a lot of information out there so you should offer your products in an interesting way. Use your online persona to understand and pitch your customers.

Connect with people:

Relationship building with customers is a core philosophy of successful sales.

Social media is a digital way to do it. You should connect with people having same characteristics as your customers. Follow the relevant groups. Follow the forums related to your industry. Observe what they are talking about and what problems they are facing.

Try to connect with these people but not in a spammy way. Be helpful to your customers rather than being pushy. Identify needs and provide a solution in a genuine way.

Be a friend who is providing the particular solution.

Find out where you can connect with your prospect and then approach them.

Contests or giveaways:

Content is king.

-Bill Gates

Outsourcing the content is expensive. By organizing contests or giveaways, user-generated content can be obtained which is much more useful to create results. It is a fun way which makes customers happy and in turn increases your sales. People tend to share the contests and giveaways which indirectly attract new leads as well. Using contests or giveaways are a great tool to attract the attention of the customers.

Talk of the town publicity:

Satisfied customers are valuable resources to a company. Rewarding these Brand advocates create new clients along with brand loyalty to the existing clients.

Word of mouth publicity is considered to be the best way of communication.

Make it customer friendly:

Your services or products should be easily approachable to the customers. In the online market, customers have a really short attention span. So, either you attract the attention of customers immediately or else they are gone. To make the experience of customer pleasant, you have to use the tips given below.

  • Make sure that your site is working properly and load quickly. If not, then your customer will go somewhere else.

  • Your site should be accessible on both computer and cell-phone. “Invest in good site search technology,” says Will Cook, vice president, Multi channel, HP Marketing Optimization.

  • Use customer reviews.

  • Social media buttons are really helpful in that aspect. Make sure you have active social media button on the target platforms. You can also use customized colorful buttons which stand out as per your themes.

  • Offer live chats to connect easily with your customers.


The bottom line is, ‘develop a relationship with the customers over generating leads’. Listen to them and provide a solution. Just posting on social media will not going to help. You have to build a trusted brand image. Reward brand advocates, apply creative techniques, identify customer’s pain points, help in dissatisfied customers and there you go. But remember, do not abuse social media or else your efforts will get against you.

Take full advantage of social media to increase your sales. These strategies will surely help you in this regard.

Leave a comment if you find this article important. We would love to hear from you.

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