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10 Surefire Instagram Tricks to Grow Your Business

Instagram is a growing visual social media platform to share pictures and visual content. It has more than 700 million users already and the number is increasing exponentially. Instagram is getting very popular and so are the advertising opportunities. Now It has been transformed into a business platform too, like Facebook.

Instagram is the best marketing platform for the domains like interior designing, clothing, fashion, cosmetics, graphic designing etc. If your business is visually driven, Instagram is the best advertising platform for you.

You must have already known about the Instagram for business. Here we are presenting the most useful Instagram hacks to make the best out of it. So let us see what these tricks are:-

1. Profile Picture:-

People use Instagram to connect with a real person. If you use your company's logo in the profile picture, then it may not be the best idea. According to the experts, if you use your own profile picture or the picture of company's people, it would generate more engagement with the users. Your profile picture is what people notice at first. Unless you are a well-established company with a well-known logo, you should not use your logo as a profile picture.

2. Switch to Business Profile:-

You must be aware of Instagram public profile and business profile already. If you want to post Instagram ads and establish yourself as a brand, you have to switch to the business profile. By doing that, your profile will go public automatically. It will allow all the Instagram users to see your profile and feed. These people can be your potential customers.

But when you switch to the business profile, you need to choose a Facebook page through which you will manage your Instagram ad account. Facebook ad manager is necessary to handle the Instagram Ads. If you do not have a Facebook page already, you need to make one to access Instagram business profile.

3. Having a Killer Bio:- This is obvious but very much neglected by most of the brands. After your profile picture, bio is the next important thing to make a great impression. Your Instagram bio should be very interesting and should explain your company. If you have a good mission statement, it can be written in the bio.

4. Adding Your Website's Link:-

What you ultimately want is to drive traffic to your website. Instagram allows to add the link to your website in your Instagram bio and stories (in case of business profiles). It can directly take your customers to your website if they want to know more about you. If you do not have a website yet, we would still recommend you to not leave the website section blank. For now, you can add your Facebook profile link or any other link which can increase your visibility online.

5. Stories are the New cool:-

According to our research, people directly go to see Instagram stories rather user's profile feed. Stories are very popular and engaging. They are the future of Instagram. Stories have got much more potential than direct feeds. To increase engagement with your followers you need to post frequent Instagram stories. Even the companies like Apple and Ferrari are advertising their products through Instagram stories.

6. Be visually Active:-

Instagram is a very visual platform. No matter how great your product and services are, if your content is not visually attractive then your Instagram marketing campaign would be a failure. Invest in a good camera and take appealing photos which are the key to success on the Instagram.

7. Power Of Hashtags:-

Do not underestimate the power of hashtags. They are very important to be popular on Instagram. Search your industry-specific hashtags and use a lot of them to expand your reach. It is a good idea to create your own brand hashtag which is related to your company. For example Coca-Cola's #ShareaCoke hashtag.

8. Emojis:-

People may not be familiar with you but they are quite familiar with emojis. To create a feeling, emojis are used. They spice up the boring text. So whenever you are using mere text e. g., your bio and captions, choose relevant emojis to make them more interesting.

9. Instagram Collaboration:-

Instagram is not about being too competitive. Moreover, you can collaborate with your competitors for cross promotions which will benefits you and them as well. You can promote them in your feed or stories and in return, they would do the same for you. You can even search for industry-specific influencers and ask them to promote you. They might charge you for your branding but the result will be great and fast. You will be exposed to the new audience in no time.

10. Create Innovative Content:-

Instagram is the best platform to post visual content, be it pictures, GIFs, and short videos. It offers so many attractive filters and features like boomerang, rewind, live, super zoom and so on. People like content which is fun and interesting. Your goal is to create the content which is fun for users and still involves your offering to increase your brand awareness.

The most important tip to be successful on Instagram is consistency. All these tips make no sense unless you are consistent and committed enough.

So these were some of the hacks which are very useful and proven to generate business from Instagram. If you follow them you will definitely notice more engagement of the users to your profile.

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