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How to find your Niche Social Media Platform

Sometimes being jack of all trade does not work. Especially in case where the competition is intensifying and resources available are reducing. So, it is very important to allocate the resources in the right direction. You can not be awesome at everything. The good news is you do not have to be.

In case of building social media presence, You can be great at few and you will still be getting the benefits of social media for your business.

We have already discussed the important to choose a niche social media platform to increase your online presence in the last Blog. Particularly in case of Startups and small businesses.

But how will you decide the best networking site to start with?

Obviously, you have to know about the advantages of using a particular networking site.

There are some parameters to be considered before taking the decision to choose your Target Platform.

The goal is to reach target audience.

so first you need to find out what your target audience prefers. If you know exactly about the age, gender and location they belong to, it will be much easier for you to decide your niche platform.

We are providing an overview of some most potential and powerful social media platforms for your business. By the time you read this blog, you would know about the best networking site where you can target your audience.


This is basically a networking site focusing to build formal connections.

people can discuss anything, they can ask questions or answer the questions, can impress people by sharing their skills and abilities. If your product or service is related to businesses, this will be a great networking site for you to grow your connections.


YouTube is a very powerful platform to share videos. It is a visual platform used worldwide by most of the people. There are Billions of people using Youtube. The key is to present your products or services in a way which attract the customers. Your videos are to be innovative enough to stand out in the crowd then only you can leverage youtube properly.


Twitter is like a continuous conversation in few words. The restriction of number of words is what makes it unique. You can share your point in few words. twitter is a platform where people come to see what new is happening in the people are in the mindset to gain information. this way you can promote your brand awareness by connecting with your audience.


Last but not the least, Facebook is the most potential networking site in the world. you will find almost everyone on Facebook and that is its USP. When in doubt , use Facebook as your niche platform. Almost every type of businesses can get benefits from Facebook. People can choose what they want to see. Rather than selling, Facebook is more about building a relationship to the customers an increase brand recognition. Almost every big or small companies are using Facebook for their branding. Facebook's sponsored ads are very customized as you can choose your niche audience to which you want to show your ads.


Like Pinterest, Instagram is also a visual platform to share your pictures and videos( not longer than a minute) to the world. The number of users and popularity of instagram is increasing day by day. So, now it has been evolved in a business platform too.

If you are focusing of the products and services which needs to be visually attractive, you should nail the Instagram. The competition is less and users are more engaging and focused on Instagram.

So these were some of the most potential social media platforms that are you can use to promote your business. if you are still confused, our advice is you should start with Facebook as it is suitable for almost every type of business. Later you can expand your reach to other niche platforms. If you have any query related to this article, you can leave it in the comment section below. We will be happy to serve you.

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