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Digital Marketing Trends : 2018

The digital world is an ever-changing field. In the digital environment, things become obsolete soon and new ones emerge. So it is necessary to stay updated and catch up for the new trends. Or else your efforts will go outdated.

Let us see what new trends you need to follow in 2018.

Increase in scope of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business networking platform, launched in 2003. The growth is slow but continuous. It is the third fastest growing social media platform.

The website provides an interface to build professional profiles to develop formal connections. Till 2017, LinkedIn had 467 million members and the number of users is expected to grow more and more in future.

Twist on the Instagram

Instagram is a visually driven platform. This is the reason for its

massive growth in short time. It gives the user a platform to take great pictures and videos to share them with the world.

Instagram already has more than 375 million active users at present. The growth is expected to continue in 2018. There has been an addition of some trending features like Instagram stories and live feature which is loved by the users. As the growth is increasing, Instagram marketing is getting hard for marketers. Now due to changing algorithms, making a good presence on Instagram will not be as easy as it was earlier. Organic reach is declining on Instagram. Now it would take real efforts to be visible on the Instagram.

Story Telling

Human is an emotional creature. This is why the art of storytelling always work wonders for marketers. Brand storytelling is a way to connect with customers by communicating a story. Recently brand storytelling has become a powerful tool to pitch the customers. This is the best way to stand out from the competition. The story should be great and in resonance with the brand’s personality. One of the great examples of storytelling can be the ad by Google based on a story related to India-Pakistan partition. Check it out below

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a way to connect a brand with the influential people e.g., celebrities, bloggers etc.. Every big brand is focusing on influencer marketing due to the high rate of conversion. People tend to ignore companies but when the same products are endorsed by their favorite personalities, they consider to buy the products. It is powerful, social and also helps the company’s SEO. Influencer marketing is quite expensive but the return on investment is great too. So, it is expected to be the marketing trend of this year too.

Voice marketing:-voice marketing is going to be the next big trend. Google’s algorithms are also expected to change as per Google Voice feature. People are already getting addicted to the voice applications like Siri and Google Voice. Users find voice instructions more convenient.


Marketers are getting highly focused towards the customized ads. Redirected ads are the example of high-level personalization. Successful organizations are focusing to identify customer’s micro-moment needs and provide the right solution at right time. Organizations are spending huge money to adopt smart automation to provide customer specific solution.

The content is getting personalized for different visitors using dynamic websites. Smart content is believed to drive better results. Hence Personalization will be trending in 2018.

These were some of the trends which are expected to grow this year. Innovation in technology keeps changing every now and then.

At the start of 2018, you should start preparing to update yourself with the upcoming trends before it’s too late. Plan your Strategy keeping in mind these trends. Being updated is a big success factor, especially in case of online marketing.

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